Happy Lunar New Year 2021Letter – "THE YEAR OF “TAN SUU” BUFFALO 2021”

Dear Values Entreprises and Partners,
We have experienced the full of fluctuations,  Vietnam and the world economy with the serious impact of the COVID – 19 pandemic,  the drastic political system from the central, local and joint efforts, consensus, the overcome efforts of the business community, businesses, people across the country. Although Vietnam has been overcoming many difficulties and challanges, we’ve achieved many remarkable results in 2020.   
By 2020, Vietnam is completed well as ASEAN chairmanship with the theme: "Corporation and  adaptably proactive action" and be nominated as a non-permanent member possition of the United Nations Security Council to promote cooperation between the global organizations and regional organizations on being met both of concern are the peace and sustainable development towards to 2030.
Welcoming to  the lunar new year of 2021 - The year of “ Tan Suu” buffalo with the outstanding adaptation hope, innovation and creativity of the business community, domestic and foreign enterprises, it will be a year of accelerating, outstanding development adaptive and creative in management, operation, production and business activities of Business Community, Enterprises in 2021.
On the occasion of the lunar new year holiday of 2021 and the celebration of the spring of “Tan Suu” “buffalo 2021, the Asian Business Centre would like to wish all of the entrepreneurs, businesses, families and employees to welcome a happy spring, reunited happiness, a year of adaptation, creativity and the stuning success.
Warmly thank you and regards./.

General Manager