Ph.D., Med. Doctor Nguyen Phu Kieu,
President of the Critical Diseases Researches and Treatment Institute
Director of Ministrial, National Researches, and International Cooperation Research under Protocol on
Cooperation for Research of Cedemex between Vietnam and China


Drug addiction and the drugs use is currently the headache of the patients and their families. It is also the cause of concern for governments of  many countries and so remains the question for scientists worldwide.

Since the discovery of endorphine in human body in 1975, then drug addiction is thought  derived from 3 causes : biological, psychological and social. Of the 3 causes, the medical scientists are make researches and produce the kinds of medicines that can cure the patients’ addiction by biological and psychological causes.

Drug addiction is a disease but different from those caused by bacteria or virus infection. Drug addiction does not kill people in short time like pneumonia or hepatitis or other infections when not properly treated, but it will certainly cause mental disorders, loss of memory and loss of sexual desire and capability. Such disorders will lead to reduction in the addicts’ ability to work, to study and to live a normal happy life while urging them to lead an immoral, wicked way of life. Many addicts are seduced into some life styles when they just want to live on other’s back, without their own working to earn their living and to satisfy their desire for drugs. In various instances, the drug addicts in their addition, high desire for drug may easily do illegal acts. In lack of understanding of the causes of drug addiction, many people in the society often think of it as social evil. In addition, sometimes, people may willingly or unwillingly push some other into drug addiction. For money, someone may try to sell drug to others, those who are not yet addict or those who just passed their addiction treatment course and so push them back into addiction.
B. Current Treatment of drug addiction in Vietnam and the World:

1. Efficacy of the medicines used in treatment of drug addiction:
Current medicines are only to cut the addiction for withdrawal by replacement of Methadone. It is not the cure of the cause of addiction. The placement of those addicts into some drug addiction treatment centers as the current practice is just for sake of administrative measure which is not very effective. After the time spent in these treatment centers, the addicts come back home, remaining addict to drug and psychologically dependent on drug and as such many of them fall back into addiction. It looks as they were treated of their drug addiction and now they fall back to it. But in fact they have been and are addicts even though we separated them from their normal life by keeping them in those treatment center for sometime. Seeing them using drugs again and again after times in treatment centers, their families and people in general tend to believe that drug addiction is not curable.
2. Can we treat drug addiction ? and by what medicine ?
The Science Council of the Ministry of Public Health of Vietnam met on 14 December 2015 to review the efficacy of Cedemex in treating drug addiction under the project : “Research and development, review of the efficacy of Cedemex as the medicine to treat opiates drug addiction at community” concluded :” … Cedemex helps to change the understanding of the people and community that drug addiction can be treated when we combine the use of Cedemex with self-determination of the addicts and the help and support of their families, communities and society as a whole…”

3. What is Cedemex:

3.1. Cedemex is the product of the researches at Ministrial and National levels and also under the international cooperation program between Vietnam and China

Cedemex is the first medicine made from herbal materials in Vietnam. Its pharmaceutical properties were studied by modern medicine theories at cell, molecule and gen levels at laboratories in China. Scientists of the two countries confirm that Cedemex is effective in treating drug addiction, safe, non-toxical and non-addictive.

Apart from helping easy withdrawal, Cedemex is also effective in killing the biological cause of drug addiction (the hunger for drug) and also in killing the psychological cause thus reduce the psychological dependence of the addict patients on drug. In 2003, 2003 Cedemex was accepted by the State Science Council and Ministry of Public Health allows for use in 14 days drug addiction treatment scheme. This treatment scheme is good for addiction withdrawal but the rate of relapse is somehow high if it goes without any further treatment. After the acceptance of the results of researches in China in 2003 and the clinical assessment of the Ministry of Public Health on 152 addict patients Thai Nguyen and Lai Chau provinces, in 2013-2015 period, the State Science Council  and Ministry of Public Health accepted Cedemex and mapped out the treatment scheme of 5 days of intensive treatment plus 06 months of maintenance treatment which helps to cut the patients’ psychological dependence on drug. As reported by various local authorities in Vietnam where Cedemex was used for drug addiction treatment, the rate of non-relapse is of 56% after 3 years of the addict patients reintegration into their communities.

Cedemex is thus, concluded meeting all criteria of a medicine to treat drug addiction : The medicine is safe, non-toxical and non-addictive, causing no side-effects at prescribed dosage. The medicine helps easy withdrawal and kills the biological and psychological causes of the drug addiction.

3.2. Awards and Recognition of Cedemex:

By its efficacy and effectiveness in treating drug addiction at communities in Vietnam:

- Vietnam Journalist Association, Vietnam Science – Technology Journalist Club certified Cedemex as one in top 10 outstanding science – technology events in 2012.

- The Organiser of 2019 Top Brand names Competition certified Cedemex as one in Top 10 Brand names in 2019.

- Asian Business Development Center reviewed and certified Cedemex as of International Top Brand names in 2021.

C. Organisations, individuals in Vietnam or in foreign countries who wish to use Cedemex in treating drug addiction or want to replace Methadone method in treating opiate drug addition 

Please visit us at Vietnam Critical Diseases Research and Treatment Institute ((Radiner) for consultation and guidance. We believe if the addict patient is treated in full treatment scheme of Cedemex, follow strictly all instructions provided, their addiction will be cured. Cedemex is not yet available for sale in the market.
Radiner is the sole supplier of Cedemex to the users

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