Doctor DUC MINH NGUYEN - General Director Of NUTRICARE: With 25 Years of comprehensive research about "NUTRITION FOR VIETNAMESE PEOPLE"

Nutrition General Director, Duc Minh Nguyen is a Master of Nutrition Science from Washington University, Seattle state, USA. He was formerly Deputy Head of Scientific Management Division and National Nutrious Institute, is former Deputy Vice - Director of Institute of Medical Sociological Research (ISMS).

"Every Vietnamese were born to have the balanced and adequate nutrition regime rights for the comprehensive development", which is not only those reason but also the starting point of the journey to find the specialized nutritional solutions for only for Vietnamese entrepreneurs – scientists -Duc Minh Nguyen. Starting from the paper-based formulas, to lab experiments, to the first high quality of the nutritional products which are released in the Tricare factory, it's a whole process of his research. Mr. Minh et al., the most prerequisite factor is the knowledge experts about the specific nutritional needs of Vietnamese people.

With his talent and enthusiasm, by along with the side by side of associates, CEO, Duc Minh Nguyen has led Nutrition to pioneer in the launch of specialized Medical Nutrition products for each disease of Adults such as diabetes, cancer, liver, kidney, ... or small children with lactose intolerance, vomiting, reflux etc, they are trusted in hospitals and health facilities nationwide.

In particular, one of the new achievements of Tricare in general and CEO Duc Minh Nguyen, is that in July, the company launched the Medicare line of the comprehensive care with the improvement of the breakthroughs in supporting children's height and physical development. This is one of the strong strides have made by Tricare and Vietnamese Nutrition experts in gradually raising the Vietnamese people’s status to match with the friends from five continents.